Daily Marketing Services has created an employment recruitment program that incorporates the best of two advertising mediums. The power of the Internet and the readership loyalty of the neighborhood newspapers. This new offering provides local advertisers an affordable way to advertise throughout the Middle Tennessee region while broadcasting their message to the world through Internet  Syndication.

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We Have You Covered in Middle Tennessee!
Over 158,000 Newspapers & 395,000 Weekly Readers
120,000 Weekly Website Visitors
The Gallatin News – The Hendersonville Standard – The Murfreesboro Post
The Nashville Ledger – The Nashville Scene – The Wilson Post – Williamson Herald
Cheatham County – Davidson County
Montgomery County – Robertson County
Rutherford County – Sumner County
Williamson County – Wilson County

CRAIGSLIST – Each job announcement is listed on Craigslist.org. Craigslist charges a $25.00 listing fee for each Job Announcement placed for the Nashville Market. This fee is included in our pricing.

Your Ad will not only appear on Daily Marketing Services but it is also broadcast (syndicated) to other appropriate websites on the net.
Syndication will be determined by the category of the ad.

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Neighborhood Sites:

Listings are posted on the following local message:
What’s Cookin’ Nashville – What’s Cookin’ Bellevue
What’s Cookin’ Downtown – What’s Cookin’ E.Nashville
What’s Cookin’ Franklin – What’s Cookin’ Germantown
What’s Cookin’ Sylvan Park – What’s Cookin’ Green Hills
What’s Cookin’ Midtown – What’s Cookin’ Midtown
What’s Cookin’ Franklin – What’s Cookin’ Franklin

General Classifieds & Employment
Ads can be targeted to one or multiple areas.
1 Newspaper:
One 7 line ad in 1 paper + 14 days on-line – $90.00
2 Newspapers:
One 7 line ad in 2 papers + 14 days on-line- $130.00
3 Newspapers:
One 7 line ad in 3 papers + 14 days on-line-$170.00
4 Newspapers:
One 7 line ad in 4 papers + 14 days on-line-$210.00
5 Newspapers:
One 7 line ad in 5 papers + 14 days on-line-$250.00
6 Newspapers:
One 7 line ad in 6 papers + 14 days on-line-$290.00
Middle Tennessee Regional Package:
One 7 line ad in 7 papers + 14 days on-line- $315.00

Sample On-Line Employment Ad 

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